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All New Everything!

2017-08-26 16:36:04 by RobSoundtrack

What is UP Newgrounds???

It's been a while and so I figured I'd leave an update to anyone who visits.


I just moved and have a new space to record again-

With that I really wanted to do the space right, and might have gotten carried away.
I ended up with all new everything for the desk- I even got rid of the Fractal Axe Fx2 and got a Kemper.

New interface, new plugins, etc.

After that I decided to change my mix, got rid of my old template, and spent alot of time just mixing.

It's not done and I know it never is- and I really only mixed one or two ideas through this template.

Anyway I'm going on and on but basically it's time for a fresh start.


Coffee-Break Cover

2017-04-22 15:24:02 by RobSoundtrack

What is going onnnnnn NG!  I feel like it has just been too long.

I've spent some time catching up with some familiar faces over the last couple weeks and that felt really great.

I wanted to take a second to post and try to reach out and see who is still out there doing their thing or otherwise NG surfing-  Drop me a line!


In the meanwhile, I've done a really fun metal cover and you should check it out!! 

Click Here!  or the avatar below!

Props to my friend and awesome 8-bit inspiration, Coffee-Break!  <--- go check him out if you haven't already!!!




Hope to hear from yall soon!

New song out!!!!

2014-09-17 22:16:05 by RobSoundtrack

First song in a while, and of many, just dropped today!!!
I missed uploading to NG and i have so many more in the chambers almost ready to go


Omg where have you been??

2014-05-01 06:09:11 by RobSoundtrack

Hey NG friends

It's been basically forever hasn't it?
Long story short, it's been a crazy ride for me and I hope you'll forgive this undue absence

I'm back and have a whole new studio

I'm ready to share it all again with you!



Oh PS: Anyone wondering about the collab, it will get rehashed and put down for 2014!

Epic Collab Coming Together

2013-09-07 22:00:41 by RobSoundtrack

Well it's coming together, slowly but surely.
It's been a year and have forgotten how much planning actually goes into a project of this size.

I've spent the last couple weeks running some new ideas by friends- thanks for your help guys!

We are getting there.
As soon as a lineup is created, you'll hear about it- just like last time!

In the meanwhile, have this video


Last years was EPIC... and another one needs to happen.
Didn't catch last year's collab? Here is is

Please discuss!

And check out the latest song by me.

New Robsoundtrack.....track!

2013-06-17 22:00:57 by RobSoundtrack

Hey all!
So sorry it's been so long.
I've actually written a new track and spent more than one sitting on it!!!!
I wanted to make a post so you all know I'm still alive and not just uploading old tracks in my free time.

Speaking of free time, I hope to get some of that real soon so I can continue to make tracks,
and not take 3 months in between uploads anymore!!
Life has been nuts but everything is going well.

That's what's up here.
I love hearing from friends. Drop me a line and tell me how you are doing.


86342 total plays
Thanks so much
Break 100K!!!!

New Robsoundtrack.....track!

2 New Songs Out!!

2013-02-16 01:20:52 by RobSoundtrack

Hey guys! It feels like it's been forever!!
Hope you are all doing fantastic!!

Sorry it's been a while since any activity;


also this meme

2 New Songs Out!!

Verse On Fire Cover

2012-11-24 17:22:19 by RobSoundtrack

Hey guys,
I'm excited to release my cover of NeXsard's 'Verse On Fire'!!!

Perhaps you've heard it before?

Go HERE and listen to it!

Love you all,

There, I fixed it!

2012-11-04 04:30:17 by RobSoundtrack