New Robsoundtrack.....track!

2013-06-17 22:00:57 by RobSoundtrack

Hey all!
So sorry it's been so long.
I've actually written a new track and spent more than one sitting on it!!!!
I wanted to make a post so you all know I'm still alive and not just uploading old tracks in my free time.

Speaking of free time, I hope to get some of that real soon so I can continue to make tracks,
and not take 3 months in between uploads anymore!!
Life has been nuts but everything is going well.

That's what's up here.
I love hearing from friends. Drop me a line and tell me how you are doing.


86342 total plays
Thanks so much
Break 100K!!!!

New Robsoundtrack.....track!


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2013-06-17 22:31:02

Yeah that's what I'm talking about dude

RobSoundtrack responds:

It's Braiton!! Dude what's up
Hey, you're youtube vid(s) of you guitaring is great! More!
Everyone else, go sub his channel. Looks awesome.


2013-06-18 19:35:51

I'm doing fine, thanks for asking :D I have all the free time I want and it takes me five months to finish a song. Suddenly I became a perfectionist :/

RobSoundtrack responds:

Hey man good to hear from you! It's been some time hasn't it?
Haha it must be nice; but hey- when your songs are awesome like yours are, 5 months is a short time.


2013-07-20 18:01:48

Hey man, we are just glad you came back to us... the kids were calling for their daddy, and I didn't know what to tell them... I said...... Daddy is just going to a "get better" hospital.... so if they ask about Betty Ford.... just say she is like Betty Crocker and was teaching you how to bake cake... OH BTW!!! Bring home a cake!! lol