Epic Collab Coming Together

2013-09-07 22:00:41 by RobSoundtrack

Well it's coming together, slowly but surely.
It's been a year and have forgotten how much planning actually goes into a project of this size.

I've spent the last couple weeks running some new ideas by friends- thanks for your help guys!

We are getting there.
As soon as a lineup is created, you'll hear about it- just like last time!

In the meanwhile, have this video


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2013-09-08 01:52:22

That was fucking awesome mate!


2013-09-19 20:10:42

sorry ive been off for a while and that is amazing news


2013-09-29 21:53:27


Fucking love Keith Merrow, nice playing dude you did it good justice!

Have you heard his most recent stuff with Jeff Loomis? If you haven't you need to listen, my pants exploded.