New song out!!!!

2014-09-17 22:16:05 by RobSoundtrack

First song in a while, and of many, just dropped today!!!
I missed uploading to NG and i have so many more in the chambers almost ready to go



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2014-09-18 16:18:43

I'm excited to listen to your new tracks. :D

RobSoundtrack responds:

Thanks Shanath!! Excited to work with you again!!


2014-09-19 10:44:05

Damn, I see this after way too long (2 weeks) without internet connection (damn my studies) and this appeared on my screen : you have no idea how pleased I am right now !

P.-S. : I uploaded my first piece of acoustic shit (litterally) if you're being curious for whatever reason jus- ... wait, did I just do an horrible pun again ? FML...

RobSoundtrack responds:

Awesome man! Cant wait to hear it later!