Omg where have you been??

2014-05-01 06:09:11 by RobSoundtrack

Hey NG friends

It's been basically forever hasn't it?
Long story short, it's been a crazy ride for me and I hope you'll forgive this undue absence

I'm back and have a whole new studio

I'm ready to share it all again with you!



Oh PS: Anyone wondering about the collab, it will get rehashed and put down for 2014!


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2014-05-20 01:06:47

Yay! :D

RobSoundtrack responds:



2014-06-28 10:07:28

no new song for almost 2 months :( miss your work. I was wondering if i could lay down some vocals on one of your tracks sometime?

RobSoundtrack responds:

Thanks good buddy; i've been sitting on a bunch of stuff I need to up, but i keep thinking i should work on it more.... meh up it goes.
Sure man, like collab? or a song thats already up?


2014-06-30 02:50:37

A song thats already up would be easier then i could send it to you, i would work hard on it. I'm orking on improving my voice, have since i've been working on my upcoming rock/metal album.

RobSoundtrack responds:

sure thing; msg me the part zero'd and solo'd and if it isn't too old, ill still have the files to mix with!


2014-06-30 21:23:19

Ok cool. What does zero'd mean? Lol i dont know that term. Do you basically just mean like raw voice file? I could do that too, first i would send you the song back with the vocals. I'm still unsure of which one to pick. Do you have any unreleased stuff i could look at? If it's okay I mean. If not i'll keep thinking on which to pick.

RobSoundtrack responds:

Zero'd is where the file starts where my file starts, even if its just blank space. That way i can just slap your file in my daw and the timing lines up without moving it around.
I'll see if i have any pieces


2014-07-01 18:16:04

gotcha, i do that anyway. Can't wait to see :)