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Great Great Guitar Players

2012-09-03 17:03:31 by RobSoundtrack

These guys (and gal) are amazing

Get ready for this

Great Great Guitar Players


2012-08-06 18:04:12 by RobSoundtrack

The new one is out!
Check below or Click HERE!

Go there, vote 5,
and leave an awesome review.

Also! Let's take this second to shamelessly plug my buddies new jank as well.
If you haven't checked out Senator John Dean, DO it.
You won't regret it.

Here's a link to track 1 of his New Mix Tape. BLADOW


Photo? People love photos of shiz.

If you didn't know,I build my own gear. Here's one of my newest pedals (modded tubescreamer TS808)!


Who I am

2012-06-17 17:02:43 by RobSoundtrack

Hey friends,

Being on NG gives me the awesome opportunity to talk and learn more about the people I meet.
Unfortunately, it dawned on me that I haven't really let anyone in on anything about myself. (with the exception of an interview with TheDark here.

I want to hear from you. If you want to know something about me, from music-stuff to what pajamas I wear, just ask.

I've created a song that also serves as an icebreaker to my fellow musical buddies that improv/solo with there voices/instruments that you can use as a backingtrack and show me your stuff! Thought it may be fun.
I will post that link at the bottom.

SO.... lets talk!


2012-05-07 00:24:03 by RobSoundtrack

My friends,
Whenever it was, Thank-you for clicking the little red heart on the top right of my profile =]

If you've made it here and haven't, I ask that you check out some tunes, and maybe clicky too


Recently, I've been fortunate to be among a few of my other audio buds on the NG Frontpage.
Only a few hours til that spotlight dims, so:

All, if you are seeing this, click that heart up there.
I will try to make you some beautiful tunes.


PS: I did an Interview with TheDark for his news posts. Read some cool posts and learn more about me HERE!


2012-04-23 00:31:41 by RobSoundtrack

It's mah Birthday!!!


MAC12 March/April Entry

2012-04-05 00:39:52 by RobSoundtrack

Amped to enter the March/April MAC12

Here's the tune I wrote and entered!


2012-02-08 01:55:53 by RobSoundtrack

Hey how about this update eh??

How are you guys (and girls) holding up?

A short update:
I've managed to create a hundred musical things to do, but I'm knocking it out fo sho
I re-injured my foot; totally awesome.
I got alot of new gear that i've yet to use in submissions- I'm excited to use it- expect a whole new sound
I plan to be advantageous with regards to the new audio project system.

I want to work with you.


Happy New Year NG!

2012-01-05 21:32:16 by RobSoundtrack

Happy 2012 All!

I hope you are well and that it all comes easy to you this year!
Everyone keep in touch, I'll be here and be around.


Work Sucks but...

2011-11-17 01:36:16 by RobSoundtrack

Work sucks but I can't complain;

I came home and finished a GREAT album that will be distributed to YOU for FREE!!!

Save to say that I'm very happy with how it is turning out =D

Wonderful art is on its way from Ripe Media and that alone is something to celebrate.

And then I come here, to my home at Newgrounds and find that
a song of mine made it on the Top Scoring chart...

Dude, I'm AMPED right now!!! XD (no pun...or pun even)

Thankyou ALL so, so much =]

I feel like the guy with his arms up! ....even though I'm on that stage...
...which is also good....well...nm


Work Sucks but...

Because I'm about 2 weeks away from dropping an amazing 11 song Album of some select SNES covers!

That's right. Cool album coming soon.
And best of all, it's going to be FREE!!

Get at me if you are interested;
but I'll probably be plugging the crap out of it anyways.

In other news, I am looking to collaborate---
If you need a MUSICIAN for any of your work,

Ppl who read this are awesome,